Natural Ways To Stop Armpit Sweat

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Grits are a fundamental Southern food and most people have never tried them. Many people quickly make a couple of straight swipes and go. The best method, whether using deodorant or antiperspirant, is to slow down and be sure to give the entire underarm area a uniform coat of product (for men, that means applying enough pressure to get through the hair that most guys have in their underarms).

I used a fork and mashed the solid coconut oil into the powder mixture until it was an appropriate consistency. Gel deodorant usually comes in a clear form, making it not only undetectable underneath your arms, but it also won't leave marks or stains on your clothing. Consider shea butter, coconut butter or - in smaller quantities or as a complement - beeswax.

I've always tried to use natural deodorant but since I moved to Asia I've found it really challenging to keep this up. I haven't found ONE woman's deo that doesn't have aluminum except for spray-on deo which has butane and all kinds of other nasties.

If you have a sensitivity to baking soda, but REALLY want to make your own deodorant, give this recipe a try! My only complaint is that mine tends to shed little bits all over the floor, so now that my current stick is just about dead, I'm looking for a new recipe to try. The medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil support weight loss by stimulating the burning of fat for energy.

For any Aussies, my favourite clay is here - I'm not affiliated, I just know how hard it can be for us to get these special types of products sometimes. I have also found that witch hazel immediately kills any odor, not sure why but it works really well so I have a small spray bottle of witch hazel with a few drops of whatever essential oil I like the smell of ready to refresh through out the day.

I've been meaning to make a recipe for sensitive skin (and test it on my husband who is super sensitive to baking soda!) for those who have a reaction like you described. Thank you so much for this recipe…I had been looking for one that combined bentonite with the beeswax as most of the bentonite recipes were creams instead of solids. Descriptions of homemade remedies that I found on Pinterest for acne scarring, teeth whitening, and cellulite.

Wal-Mart has an excellent selection of deodorant soaps and they even offer natural selections like the Tom's of Maine Deodorant Soap. I only have to apply this deodorant once a day, which is one of the things I love about how well the natural ingredients work. Luckily, if you're adding beeswax, it can emulsify any oil (i.e. turn it into a solid). Men's deodorants that contain crystal-based mineral salts include Crystal brand Roll-On Body Deodorant and Tom's of Maine Crystal Confidence 24 Hour Deodorant. Thanks for finally talking about >how to make Homemade deodorant deodorant with coconut oil <Liked it! In the beginning I mixed up this combo because the coconut oil is anti-fungal (and I knew it was absolutely corn-free) and the arrowroot powder was for absorbing sweat and the baking soda was for neutralizing the acidity of the sweat. I have average skin and use approximately 20% castor oil to 80% EVOO, and I store it in a small tupperware container by the sink.

Shea butter has wonderful benefits for the skin and that's why I originally added it. But then I realized it was the key to making the deodorant slide on easily. As opposed to commercial deodorant which puts toxins into your body, this deodorant does the opposite and actually pulls toxins out of your body!